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Franco Sgalla

President & Founder

39 years experience in electrical engineering

Ships (including Navy) – Electrical design, engineering and installation, leadership and management

Founded Tech Marine Systems, LLC in 2006

Franco Sgalla

TMS removed the existing batteries, cabinet, frame, all obsolete cabling and other materials. A new pedestal was welded in place, a new frame moved into the room, batteries, transformers and cable were then installed. The new system was tested and certified. As the system is for the emergency lighting, TMS was required to complete and certify the system during the dry dock.


Disney, Seabourn and Holland America

To assist guests in more effective in-cabin device charging TMS installed multiple USB outlets in each cabin. We replaced power outlets with dual USB outlets and added additional USB outlets as needed. All work was completed by TMS staff, from cutting holes in the furniture, to electrical connections.

Additional Diesel Generator (ADG)

TMS collaborated with Croon Holland on 21 ADG and Back up Switchboard installations. We provided cables and accessories, installed and connected the switchboards and assisted at commissioning. Projects were completed both in service and dry dock. All 21 projects were completed within 3 years and delivered on time.

Who We Are

We’re a full service systems integration company.

TMS, established in 2006, has the technical, management and administrative experience to successfully execute complex installations such as architectural lighting, public address systems, automation to power and complete entertainment solutions.  We are a full-service systems integration company specializing in Audiovisual, Broadcast and Entertainment.


TMS is seeking the opportunity to bring our expertise, our enthusiasm and our professional values to your business.

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