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Fulvio Stibil

Electrical Project Manager


About Project

The Engine Room Ventilation is a point of reference for create an environment ventilated and balanced, our system consist to apply the frequency driver at all fans relative the engine room, and other technical space where the operators and the devices are need to recharge the air. All rooms are locally controlled by the pressure meter and thermometer sensors, and in some case we will measure the quality air too. Our system is called ERVES (Engine Room Ventilation Energy Saving) All information is collected in a monitoring system, and the other signals will be integrated with the existing ship automation. The monitoring system helps the operators to understand which is the state of the unit, the trend and the health of the entire system, a friendly graphic interface follows all operations suitable on demand.

TMS installed our ERV (engine room ventilation) system, including a user-friendly interface and variable frequency drives on several Holland America vessels. Our system monitors pressure, temperature and quality to maintain optimum air conditions.

Who We Are

We’re a full service systems integration company.

TMS, established in 2006, has the technical, management and administrative experience to successfully execute complex installations such as architectural lighting, public address systems, automation to power and complete entertainment solutions.  We are a full-service systems integration company specializing in Audiovisual, Broadcast and Entertainment.


TMS is seeking the opportunity to bring our expertise, our enthusiasm and our professional values to your business.

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