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People On This Project

Matteo Marazzato

Project Manager

Drazen Rajko

Technical Director


About Project

TMS was selected to design and install the audio, video, lighting, and control system to allow musicians to perform in dynamic live shows. We removed all existing equipment and if possible, integrated it into the new design. Coordinating with the interior contractor to ensure the correct cables were in the correct place at the correct time, we ran new audio, controls, IPTV and power cables.

Who We Are

We’re a full service systems integration company.

TMS, established in 2006, has the technical, management and administrative experience to successfully execute complex installations such as architectural lighting, public address systems, automation to power and complete entertainment solutions.  We are a full-service systems integration company specializing in Audiovisual, Broadcast and Entertainment.


TMS is seeking the opportunity to bring our expertise, our enthusiasm and our professional values to your business.

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