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People On This Project

Drazen Rajko

Technical Director


About Project

Tech Marine Systems developed its own procedures and techniques for replacing the PA System components without interrupting the system functions.

One of our most recent projects involved the PA system upgrade from Philips SM40 to Bosch Praesideo redundant system and was completed across a five-week sail. All the head-end equipment was replaced, new call station cables pulled and distribution network measurements completed without service interruption. Also, end of line monitoring cards were installed in various distribution junction boxes in order to enhance monitoring of the entire system.

Who We Are

We’re a full service systems integration company.

TMS, established in 2006, has the technical, management and administrative experience to successfully execute complex installations such as architectural lighting, public address systems, automation to power and complete entertainment solutions.  We are a full-service systems integration company specializing in Audiovisual, Broadcast and Entertainment.


TMS is seeking the opportunity to bring our expertise, our enthusiasm and our professional values to your business.

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